Welcome to Movaki

A new way to transport goods around Mamelodi.

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How to Install

  • Tap the “Add” button on the Add to Home screen banner displayed
  • If banner does not display, click the menu (three dots on the top right of your screen) and select "Add to Home"
  • The App will be on your home screen. Enjoy

Do i need an account?

We do not ask you to create an account with us. Simply install the App and you are ready to Request Pickup.

How is the Trip Fare calculated?

You know the exact cost of your trip before requesting a Pickup. This fare includes:

  • A base rate
  • Rates for estimated distance of the trip
  • Additional Services and a Service Fee are also calculated and included

How to identify the driver and vehicle

When you request a Pickup, we match you with a driver and share info about the driver and vehicle headed to your location.

Cancel Pickup request

After you have been notified that you have been matched, immediately inform us that you wish to cancel.


When you request a pickup you agree to be charged the Fare when the trip ends. ONLY Cash is accepted.
Users have the option to tip the driver after each trip. Tip is completely optional, but always highly appreciated.